My experience of World Youth Day 2016 ~ Chantal Adekoya

My experience of World Youth Day 2016 ~ Chantal Adekoya

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Going to Poland for WYD was a really great opportunity and experience.

I am so happy and grateful that I was able to go.

I made close friends and great memories.

The week was filled with catechesis given by our Bishop, masses with the Pope and praise and worship.

The atmosphere in Krakow was unbelievable, everyone enjoying themselves and meeting other people from around the world; you wouldn't usually get to see that happen.

There was a special moment for me when everyone raised their flag for the Pope.

To see all the different flags being raised in the air was wonderful to watch.

The opening mass was amazing, that was when we saw the Pope Francis for the first time, being there with him was a special moment.

I remember the opening ceremony, it was really great, announcing all the countries that were there, everyone going wild when Ireland was announced.

We had a gathering for the Irish people, if you were Irish or had an Irish background.

It was so good to see people who have some Irish connection join in the ceremony, even if they don't live in Ireland.

My favourite part of WYD was the Vigil Night, that night we spent with the Pope.

It was also our last night and a good way to spend it with everyone who had travelled there, in the morning we had our last mass with Pope Francis.

WYD was an amazing experience for me, it brought me closer to my faith.

I feel like I was healed and blessed on the night of the vigil.

I hope in 2019, the next WYD in Panama, I would be able to bring more people with me for the experience.  I would encourage young Catholic's to go to WYD and to look deeper into their faith and to meet other young Catholics from all around the world.


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